This question is certainly to be answered with yes, even if real numbers for gaming pharmacy machines are not available. The chances of winning in classic casino games such as Roulette or Blackjack depend solely on the rules of the game and are therefore identical online as offline. However, there are much more ways to vary the payouts of slot machines. It is clear, however, that Online Casinos are able to offer much better payout ratios (RTP, return to player) due to the better cost structure. This is due to the fact that 19% VAT is added to the gaming libraries. In addition, according to German law, the play equipment is only obliged to pay out 60% of all bets to players again. In the regulated Online games this is much more, there the RTP values are also published or are found directly in the game and on average 96 %.

Before there was GPS, radar and sonar to guide them, ships at sea had to rely on the skills of their navigator to make it safely home. An experienced navigator’s knowledge of reefs and shoals, winds and weather, tides and currents made him far more valuable than the captain when it came to not sailing off the edge of the world.

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